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Live Blogging: Yankees @ A’s Game 55

May 30, 2011

2:36PM PDT: And there is your ballgame. Trevor Cahill takes the loss after an unimpressive outing and the A’s only manage four hits. Bartolo Colon gets his first shutout since that last complete game mentioned earlier on July 5, 2006 in Seattle. He has had a heck of a year so far. Comeback player of the year through the first third of the season that is for sure. One to forget for A’s fans as New York continues to have our number and win 5-0.

2:33PM PDT: Cliff Pennington with a nice double into the gap in right centerfield. It’d be nice to just get a run in and at least spoil the shutout.

2:31PM PDT: Colon comes out for the ninth – as he should with just 96 pitches so far.

2:28PM PDT: So Brad Ziegler into the game quickly got into trouble allowing a double to Nick Swisher, followed by a Brett Gardner bunt single and now Francisco Cervilli sac flies in Chris Dickerson (pinch-running for Swish) to add to the Yankees’ now 5-0 lead. This has been a game to forget so far.

2:14PM PDT: Breslow with three K’s, Teixeira, A-Rod and Posada. (There was a Robinson Cano triple mixed in there mind you) After a rough start Breslow to the year Breslow has really rebounded.

3:07PM PDT: Glen Kuiper just commented that if you’re going to give a contract to a guy, Mark Teixeira is the kind of guy you wouldn’t have too much controversy over. I have to disagree completely with that assessment. Teixeira was about to turn 29 when he began his career with the Yankees coming off a career best 7.4 WAR year split between Atlanta and the Los Angeles Angels. Since going to New York, he has put up a 5.3 WAR year and then a 3.3 WAR year. He in particular has tailed off defensively, which could be indicative of someone losing range due to age. This is a guy who is aging. I wouldn’t give him (or really anyone else for that matter who is 29) a seven-year deal at all unless it was crazily under market value.

3:04PM PDT: Another 1-2-3 inning for Bartolo Colon. Incredibly through seven innings Colon is only at 86 pitches. He hasn’t had a complete game since July 5, 2006 at Seattle when he was with the Angels but with his pitch count low and this game not  looking like it will end up being a save situation, why not? It’ll be interesting to see what Joe Girardi, someone with a reputation for overmanaging does.

2:52PM PDT: Derek Jeter pops it up to shallow centerfield and Gardner’s speed coupled with Coco’s lack of an arm conspire to allow Jeter to get a sac fly. Yankees 4, A’s 0. Bob Geren is pulling Trevor Cahill and is bringing in Craig Breslow.

2:50PM PDT: Yankees are very aggressive and do a double steal with Brett Gardner and Francisco Cervelli. Kurt Suzuki is smart and goes for the trail runner (Cervelli) but doesn’t get him. First time Cahill has faced adversity really since the first inning.

2:15PM PDT: Save for the first inning, Trevor Cahill has been sharp as well, he has now gone five innings allowing three earned runs (all in the first), four hits (three in the first), walking three (one in the first), and striking out two. First inning is what’s really hurt him as the A’s bats have been completely neutralized by Colon.

1:52PM PDT: 95 mph fastball gets Coco Crisp. So through three innings now Colon is dealing, allowing just the double by Josh Willingham and otherwise striking out three on a ridiculously economical 32 pitches (25 for strikes).

1:40PM PDT: Dallas Braden is in the booth right now and he is talking about pitching and following your game plan and how if you do that it is irrelevant who the hitter is. Sounds like good advice to me following the oft-used saying “good pitching beats good hitting”.

1:25PM PDT: 1-2-3 inning for Bartolo Colon who looks sharp. Wow, he is just painting the corners and getting the calls (deservedly) as he dispatches the A’s on 13 pitches (nine for strikes).

1:16PM PDT: Robinson Cano doubles it to right field – A-Rod scores the messiness continues. Thankfully Cano was tossed out taking a bigger turn at second than need be. Good job by Daric Barton to be there to apply the tag. Yankees 3, A’s 0.

1:15PM PDT: They said in the opening that to beat the Yankees you need to avoid the home run. Trevor Cahill allowing a two-run home run to Mark Teixeira doesn’t get that done. No doubt about it to right – annoying to hear so many cheers on that dinger. Yankees 2, A’s 0.

1:09PM PDT: Maybe the camo was a batting practice thing? Because apparently it is a patriotic truckers cap for Memorial Day. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

12:53PM PDT: The Evil Empire comes to Coliseum today [enter music]. With today’s game the only team in the American League the A’s have yet to face are the Tampa Bay Rays. The A’s put in the Opening Day lineup to back up the Opening Day starter Trevor Cahill who has struggled with New York in the past posting an 0-2 record with a 12.60 ERA in his two career starts against the Bronx Bombers. In those outings the Yankees hitters hit a cool .310/.370/.643 off of him – ouch. However today’s Yankees roster isn’t the vaunted one of even last year – Derek Jeter comes in struggling in the lead off spot hitting .258/.319/.325 just twenty hits shy of 3,000. Alex Rodriguez – get off Trevor’s mound too – is showing signs of aging, having just a 9.3% BB% his lowest since 1998 while his .199 ISO is his lowest since 1997. He is no slouch still but he is no longer elite either. Jorge Posada hitting fifth has well documented woes this year coming in with a brutal .174/.292/.348 slash line and being worth a grand total of -0.4 WAR this year. Former Athletic Nick Swisher also is having a down year hitting .210/.330/.309 with a poor .099 WAR and a .293 wOBA. That all being said, the Yankees being the Yankees manage to find a way to make it work and sit atop the American League Wild Card standings at 28-23 one game behind first place Boston in the American League Ea$t. While the entire team ages, they still manage to persevere and that is true of today’s Yankee starter as well Bartolo Colon who hasn’t played this well since the turn of the millennium as he has great numbers including 8.8 K/9 to 2.4 BB/9 with a 3.77 ERA and 3.61 FIP. He hasn’t been lucky, he has been good. Thankfully the A’s will not be wearing ugly red, white and blue caps in honor of Memorial Day but instead are wearing ugly camouflage caps which I guess is sort of better. A’s look to start the unofficial start of summer off with a bang and keep their four game win streak alive.


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