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Live Blogging: A’s @ Angels Game 49

May 24, 2011

9:42PM PDT: Finally! A’s win! Losing streak over. A’s improve to 23-26 still in last game 1/2 game behind the M’s, and 2 1/2 out behind the Rangers. Great outing from Guillermo Moscoso, my how the pitching has stepped up huh? First it was Tyson Ross (the “#6 starter”), then Josh Outman (the “#7 starter”) and now Moscoso (the “#8 starter”). What a luxury to have. But tonight’s game ball definitely should go to David DeJesus who had his second two-run home run game of the season and of his life tonight, while also adding a run scoring double. Let the good times continue – its important to win these games with AL West rivals and especially nice when you can get a win with your 8th starter off of a pitcher having a dominant year like Dan Haren is.

9:37PM PDT: New closer Grant Balfour was up throwing but it will be Brad Ziegler coming in in the non-save situation. I can now say with confidence I think there is no way possible that Brian Fuentes comes into this game. Which is a good thing, that poor guy needs a day off. Ziggy will face Trumbo, Conger and Amarista so he ought to wrap things up quickly.

9:30PM PDT: David DeJesus doubles to right to drive in Kurt Suzuki. Back to back doubles off of Bell. A’s get the run back and are ahead 6-1.

9:23PM PDT: Hunter knocks home Aybar on a pitch down the middle when he had Hunter 0-2. Angels are on the board but trail 5-1.

9:20PM PDT: Craig Breslow is in to pitch for the A’s. Aybar doubles to welcome him to the ballgame. This inauspicious start notwithstanding Breslow has been great lately – yet inexplicably hasn’t earned back Bob Geren‘s trust. As in 16 of his last 18 outings he has not allowed a run, and in the last eighteen outings has allowed just four earned runs in 16 innings for a 2.25 ERA. Furthermore and something that is key for relievers the smartest man in baseball has stranded all seven inherited runners in that timeframe. For perspective’s sake he has 21 outings this year and the first three were ones Breslow would wish to erase from his memory.

9:16PM PDT: The A’s bats have fallen silent since the early outburst of runs new pitcher as Trevor Bell pitches a 1-2-3 inning the fourth straight 1-2-3 inning for Angels pitchers.

9:04PM PDT: Joey Devine in to pitch! I am really excited about Devine. A little concerned that Geren is going to overuse him and destroy his arm… but hopefully he can stick with the club and have a big year. He is a big time talent.

9:00PM PDT: Cliff Pennington has had all these amazing multi-pitch at bats all season long this one lasting 11 pitches. Daric Barton leads the A’s (and American League) with 4.49 P/PA next on the A’s is Josh Willingham with 4.05 (tied for 16th overall in the AL with Maicer Izturis it turns out), and then Cliff Pennington (28th in the AL) with 3.94. He must have some really short at bats (probably some of those sacrifices) because it seems like once a game he has one of these eight to ten pitch at-bats.

8:54PM PDT: Nothing fases Guillermo Moscoso. Fly out. Lead and shutout intact. Given he is at 101 pitches likely that is all we will see of Moscoso and if it is what a stellar A’s (and starting) debut going six innings allowing three hits, three walks and getting three strikeouts.

8:53PM PDT: First adversity Moscoso has faced since the first inning with Bobby Abreu at second and Alberto Callaspo at first and two outs the powerful Mark Trumbo at the plate…

8:37PM PDT: Anaheim PD is looking for Coco Crisp because he just robbed Maicer Izturis. Wow! What a play to save a run. Moscoso likes it, so do we! Through five innings the A’s still lead 5-0, and Moscoso has looked great allowing just one hit, walking three and striking out three. Two good surprise outings from Outman and Moscoso. The pitching depth on this club is out of this world.

8:14PM PDT: This is what you get when you are inexperienced (Moscoso) and you face the experienced MLB star (Hunter): squeezed. Pitches 3 and 4 not that different but one is a ball, one is a strike (both were strikes) courtesy of

8:02PM PDT: David DeJesus hits his second home run of the game! It seems that for DeJesus they come in bunches, his last home run came on a two-home run day for him too against Cleveland on May 4th. That was his first ever multi-home run game at any level. Why not make it two now? A’s lead 5-0 as the shot drives in Zuk too.

7:54PM PDT: Guillermo Moscoso isn’t so bad at that run over to first, he’s done a good job on some pretty fast guys in Amarista and Peter Bourjos (fastest human ever).

7:47PM PDT: Josh Willingham doubles to left field scoring Cliff Pennington and Daric Barton. A’s pad their lead for Moscoso 3-0. Willingham is tagged out running to third, but it was fair because it seemed that Erick Aybar would try for Barton at home, so it wasn’t poor baserunning by Willingham, sometimes aggressiveness just doesn’t pay off.

7:46PM PDT: Walk and a HBP this inning for Dan Haren. 42 pitches – 24 for strikes. This inning 10 pitches – 3 for strikes so far.

7:34PM PDT: Important thing to recap before we get too much further into this game. The big news surrounding the A’s today wasn’t the demotion of De Los Santos who clearly could not ride the bench to the A’s liking but the brewing storm that is the relationship between Brian Fuentes and Bob Geren. Apparently the two have kissed and made up but this quote from Fuentes was very interesting to me, here is how John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle summed it up in a tweet,

“Fuentes said he meant what he said yesterday. Said he’d say it again. ‘just not to you guys.'”

The other interesting tidbit to come out of this whole bruhaha is as Shea also tweeted that,

“The closer for now: Geren says Grant Balfour. Fuentes late in game still.”

I find it interesting because it seems official that Fuentes has lost the job, though one could argue with Fuentes coming in in the seventh inning yesterday that he had already unofficially lost it perhaps. I felt it seemed Geren was doing it out of spite after Fuentes’ first comments in San Francisco. It just seemed strange, of all the guys to go to you’re going to go to him? after that? and in the seventh? Seemed spiteful.

7:32PM PDT: David DeJesus turned on that, you knew it off the bat before the camera even showed the trajectory. Great shot way to turn on mistake up. A’s 1, Angels 0.

7:24PM PDT: Torii Hunter fouls out to Kurt Suzuki meaning, the leadoff batter scoring streak is stopped at five! Moscoso a little shaky with his control the first inning, 21 pitches, 10 for strikes but hopefully he settles down the same way Josh Outman did last night.

7:14PM PDT: Four pitch walk to Maicer Izturis to lead off the game. Sixth straight game the first batter has reached in each of the other five games they’ve come around to score, that is a streak that must stop tonight.

7:11PM PDT: 1-2-3 inning for Haren. Haren is having a good year for the Angels posting a 1.84 ERA (4th in the AL) with a 2.17 FIP (1st in the AL) earning him already 2.6 WAR (1st in the AL). The A’s are trying to be aggressive (they only saw ten pitches, six for strikes) but I think they should stay back and make him work, and run up his pitch count.

7:07PM PDT: A’s and Angels ready to get started tonight. Dan Haren takes the hill for the Halos with the left fielder of the day being Alexi Amarista, the only other Angels lineup note is that Hank Conger is behind the plate, otherwise its what you’d expect from Mike Scioscia. The A’s have their opening day lineup in with the exception of Andy LaRoche manning the hot corner. Important for the A’s today is their starting pitcher, making his first ever MLB start, Guillermo Moscoso. The A’s optioned Fautino De Los Santos to Sacramento (having not pitched once in his four game Oakland stint) to make room on the 25-man roster for Moscoso. So this will be our first chance to see what he has to offer, so far with River Cats he has had 9.6 K/9, 2.9 BB/9, 0.2 HR/9 with a 4.02 ERA but much more impressive (especially for the Pacific Coast League) 2.36 FIP. It will be interesting to see how he fares in the bigs.

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