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“Live Blogging”: A’s @ Giants Game 46

May 22, 2011

6:30PM PDT: 133rd pitch (highest pitch total in MLB this season) is a strike to set down Ryan Sweeney. Bob Geren is outmanaged again – surprise, surprise. A’s fall to two games under .500 at 22-24. Hopefully they can salvage something this series.

6:23PM PDT: David DeJesus pinch-hitting for Blevins gets on board. Tall order to get back against Lincecum in this inning…

6:15PM PDT: Bob Geren: Take a lesson from Bruce Bochy here. Blevins is intentionally walking Mike Fontenot to face the pitcher. Note that Bochy is aware that his pitcher is the reason they’re winning this game and that if they take Tim Lincecum out of this game they are at a disadvantage. So note how Bochy leaves him in. He doesn’t take him out after five or six innings, he leaves him in, even if it means they might not push an extra run across the board. Valuable lesson there Bob for these NL-park games. Take some notes on it.

6:14PM PDT: Coco Crisp has a weak arm so he tossed it to Mark Ellis, Ellis with a great relay but still too late, so credit Tejada with a sac fly. Giants lead 3-0, but using Grace’s math of earlier, this lead is now a 22.5-0 lead.

6:12PM PDT: Blevins allows Huff a single – this is about as surprising as finding out that Sunday happens after Saturday this week.

6:08PM PDT: Cody Ross lines on off of Brad Ziegler into left. Conor Jackson bobbles it and the second Giants run of the afternoon scores. Giants 2-0. Grace just said, “two run lead, might as well be a fifteen run lead” which I can’t agree with more. Pitching change is up with Aubrey Huff coming to the plate and Bob Geren is going with left-handed pitcher Jerry Blevins – because we haven’t learned about the reverse platoon from last night’s loss. What idiocy. Blevins shouldn’t even be on this club, I’d rather have seen Fautino De Los Santos make his MLB debut right here, since God forbid we put Michael Wuertz and Grant Balfour in while trailing.

5:59PM PDT: I like how Mark Grace inadvertently supports defense-independent pitching stats saying of Landon Powell‘s hit “when you put it in play, you never know, good things might happen”. So true my friend, so true.

5:57PM PDT: Kouz is injured. Comes up lame on that groundout then goes straight into the clubhouse. I don’t want a guy to be hurt and like Kouz as a guy, but perhaps if he is out we can wean Geren off his obsession with keeping him in the lineup everyday.

5:53PM PDT: Great 1-2-3 inning from Craig Breslow including two K’s (Torres and Sanchez). Interesting to see Geren putting him into such a close game, though it is a close game with the A’s trailing. Can’t think of the last time Breslow was put into a close came with the A’s ahead.

5:37PM PDT: Devine is looking good so far but the defense isn’t with a dropped foul pop up by Powell, and now a bobble and bad throw from +17 defender Kevin Kouzmanoff.

5:29PM PDT: I have officially joined the Bob Geren must go immediately crowd. And the fact that he is taking out Brett Anderson after he pitched just five innings allowing five hits, one earned run, a walk and five K’s on 91 pitches, is just symbolic of the reason we are losing so many close games. This move is stupid. Let’s piece together another game with the bullpen, that has worked so well in the past hasn’t it? While I am excited it means we will see Joey Devine make his first appearance after missing two seasons… this isn’t a strategy to win a ballgame. So with that said here is pinch-hitter Hideki Matsui trying to do something against Lincecum who has just mowed everyone down allowing just one hit though only striking out two in five and a third so far.

5:25PM PDT: The hat trick for Pat Burrell from Anderson. Good fast pitching duel here – aren’t all A’s games – and for what its worth I think aren’t all Giants games too? This series total should last about five hours.

5:15PM PDT: Miguel Tejada shows some of his glove work over at third. He still (sort of) has it. Amazing how in this day in age players age so much quicker. It is obvious that the use of PED’s last decade really changed the way the game was played.

5:10PM PDT: Brett Anderson makes Tim Lincecum look silly. Inning over, runner stranded on third. This is why pitchers who come the AL from the NL with sexy low ERAs look like crap when they come over – I wonder the difference between strand rates as a league from one to the other? Fangraphs doesn’t have league wide stats, I suppose I could simply average all the teams in the NL and AL, seems a bit too much work, but I’d guess it is better in the NL because of innings like this.

5:00PM PDT: Nice play by Torres to get the Daric Barton fly out. On the replay though I noticed how strangely Torres’ glove sits on his hand. It is practically half off. Weird.

4:51PM PDT: Wow, Posey didn’t miss that one by much. Double off the left-field wall, as mentioned last night, interestingly AT&T Park is tougher to hit a home run out of than is the Coliseum. Posey smoked that one but only ends up on second.

4:44PM PDT: Anderson weakly grounds out to first base. This having the pitcher bat stuff is so exciting. It brings so much to the game. It feels so much more pure. I wish they did this everywhere…

4:25PM PDT: Brett Anderson escapes any serious damage, good strikeout of Pat Burrell in a big spot, and then I think the A’s may have lucked out with the HBP of Cody Ross because that ball looked like it could have gotten away from Powell and as we saw Sanchez was just itching to get down the line.

4:20PM PDT: Giants strike first. Buster Posey hits it up the middle and that allow Andres Torres to score from third. Giants are up 1-0. Don’t really want to get too much more of a deficit against a guy like Lincecum and with such a strange lineup in place as the A’s have today – and they still have just one out and Freddy Sanchez sitting on third.

4:15PM PDT: First inning didn’t get any runs but the A’s hitters made Lincecum work which when facing a pitcher of his caliber is worthwhile alone. Twenty-four pitches for Lincecum to retire the first four hitters he faces.

4:05PM PDT: It is a doubleheader for me today, as I watch the Saturday game on Sunday morning – thank you – hence the “Live Blogging” designation above. Strange lineup in for the A’s today to face Tim Lincecum. Ryan Sweeney is in right (and hitting third – strange spot for someone with a notable lack of pop), Conor Jackson is in left. Mark Ellis is hitting fifth, Kevin Kouzamnoff sixth and Landon Powell in behind the plate – today’s lineup has a combined nine home runs on the year lacking the bigger bats of Hideki Matsui and Josh Willingham. It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out against a very tough pitcher, and frankly one of my favorites in baseball to watch in Lincecum. I further question it given his success against Oakland in his career (of course the irony is Bob Geren replaced two guys who haven’t been with Oakland) against whom he has a 1.45 ERA and 12 BB and 41K in 37 and a third innings. This game is being done by a national crew on Fox – Dick Stockton and Mark Grace. Why does Fox use the football music for their baseball broadcasts? I noticed they did that last post-season but I like their baseball music, which they use on all their regional FoxSports networks.

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