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Live Blogging: A’s @ Rangers Game 38

May 11, 2011

2:22PM CDT: Rain delay!

2:17PM CDT: Go Green and Gold (and Red)!

2:11PM CDT: Inning over. Final line on Gio with the one-inherited run scoring: 6H, 7ER, 5 BB, 1K , 1 HR, in just 2.2 innings of work. Ouch.

2:10PM CDT: Gio leaves the bases full, and Purcey cashes one of his three inherited runners with a four pitch walk of Julio Borbon to score Murphy. Texas 7, Oakland 0.

2:05PM CDT: Another walk (i.e. lawyer ball) this time to Craig Gentry. The end of the outing for Gio Gonzalez. A mess. It certainly is time for a change. The rain has sort of begun, here’s hoping it picks up and doesn’t let up. David Purcey is coming in to stop the bleeding. Gonzalez throws 71 pitches (35 for strikes), walks five, strikes out one, allows the one home run (the Moreland grand slam), and six hits, with all six runs being earned in his two and two-thirds innings of work. Sloppy. With no long man and few off days I wonder about greater longer term effects of this.

2:03PM CDT: Walk to David Murphy, base hit to Mike Napoli, meltdown continues… With no long men in the bullpen, you wonder if Gio just takes one for the team on this one.

1:58PM CDT: Mitch Moreland changes the dynamics in this game with a grand slam to deep right field. Time to start rooting for rain. Rangers take a likely insurmountable 6-0Good article on Athletics Nation the other day about the headcase Gio phenomenon. Here’s what I had to say there,

“interesting to see Gio do well in clutch situations, but I think that the meltdown tag is well earned by him (and I am a big fan). I wouldn’t say in a clutch situation I worry about it, I worry about the snowballing effect with him, where things just build steam and he’s done. I think he has mitigated that to an extent this year, and I think the chart of 3+ run innings sort of demonstrates that. My issue with Gio is that when things head south, he at times seems unable to right the ship and just does poorly. I think he pitches far better when ahead than when behind (now I realize there is an inherent sampling bias there)… but I trust him to hold a lead, or a close one, but if he allows a big inning, I expect more big and bad innings.”

While completely anecdotal, today’s outing is exactly what I meant by that.

1:57PMCDT: Five pitch walk. Young “drives in” Borbon. Rangers 2, Athletics 0.

1:54PM CDT: Gio walks Kinsler, bases full for Michael Young. In other bad news, Glen and Ray just reported that Dallas Braden has a torn capsule in his left shoulder and will undergo surgery on Monday in New York. Unclear regarding recovery time, but tears and throwing shoulders doesn’t sound particularly quick.

1:52PM CDT: Not the slickest play in right field by CoJax, and Andres Blanco doubles scoring Craig Gentry. Rangers lead 1-0. A strikeout of Ian Kinsler here would really help out Gio’s cause with men on second and third with just one out.

1:50PM CDT: Kevin Kouzmanoff is in the bullpen. I am happy with him being our bullpen catcher.

1:45PM CDT: The lead lawyer-baller Daric Barton is walked – good. Then is thrown out stealing – bad. Mike Napoli is not known for his defense (the reason is no longer a Los Angeles Angel) and Barton is not known for base-stealing (now 10-for-18 career). Not sure how this play made any sense with the heart of the lineup due up.

1:31PM CDT: This weather sounds pretty crazy as the Rangers are taking every fan out of the upper deck, presumably they get a seat upgrade. But they’re clearing out the top of this large stadium. Wonder if they’ll get through this one…

1:25PM CDT: Glen Kuiper and Ray Fosse are discussing the Doppler radar for Arlington not looking very good, so the A’s need to score often and score early and Hideki Matsui swinging wildly at crap like that Matt Harrison offering doesn’t help out that cause. As displayed from

1:22PM CDT: Gio looks good with the 1-2-3 inning and a K of Julio Borbon.

1:14PM CDT: The A’s try to play some “lawyer-ball” with Matt Harrison but the bases on balls by both Coco Crisp and CoJax fail to yield any runs. If Harrison’s control remains this suspect it will be a long day for him as C.J. Wilson learned you can only do that so much before getting burned.

1:02PM CDT: Daytime baseball from Arlington. Gio Gonzalez up against Matt Harrison. A’s hope to continue their good outings on getaway days. A’s lineup has Conor Jackson in right, clear that Bob Geren wants him in the lineup as often as possible and following yesterday’s appearance at third base yesterday I figured that perhaps that’d mean some starts at the hot corner but Andy LaRoche gets the start there today. Only other lineup thing of note, Kurt Suzuki hits fifth with Matsui sixth.


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