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Blog en vivo: Indios @ Atléticos Juego 32

May 5, 2011

4:19PM PDT: Matsui pops it out to short left field. Game over. The offense is just terrible. Its annoying to blow all these well pitched games and then feel like a one or two run deficit is near insurmountable. Also how do you allow a guy like Jeanmar Gomez lock down your offense like that? Unacceptable. But need to again give credit to Cliff Pennington and Brett Anderson for their play in the eighth to keep them even in this thing – and the all-round great play of Ryan Sweeney in this one. Still think they should’ve been more aggressive and sent Conor Jackson. It isn’t Oakland’s responsibility to keep Lou Marson healthy, run him over Conor is a big boy. A’s fall to .500 again and two games behind the Angels at 16 and 16. Weekend series in Kansas City, another surprise AL Central team.

4:17PM PDT: Hideki Matsui in to pinch hit for Kurt Suzuki. C’mon Godzilla, repeat Monday. He really needs to do something because otherwise it is up to Kouzmanoff. A walk really isn’t as good as a hit here.

4:16PM PDT: Chicks really dig the singles to center field that score Daric Barton and close the gap to 4-3. Ryan Sweeney 5-for-6, what a day. Four singles and a double. I know he doesn’t have power, but you gotta like this no matter what.

4:13PM PDT: All comes down to Ryan Sweeney. He is hot today at 4-for-5… let’s see if he can make something happen. Let’s hope he can.

4:11PM PDT: Maybe something going here? Barton walks, Jackson with a hit straight up the middle.

4:03PM PDT: DeJesus, Barton and CoJax are up next to try and salvage this game for Oakland against Chris Perez. Last time Cleveland won a series in Oakland was when they took 2-of-3 between July 29th and July 31st in 2002.

4:00PM PDT: Lou Marson tacks on an insurance run with a single to left. The throw from Conor Jackson doesn’t get Hannahan at the plate. Indians add on it is 4-2 and Jerry Blevins is coming in from left field to stop the bleeding.

3:57PM PDT: Jack Hannahan who played with Oakland from 2007-2009 gets back at his former club with a bloop single to left that scores Orlando Cabrera and gives the Indians a 3-2 lead.

3:54PM PDT: This is what gets me sort of wondering about that no doubles defense with no one on. Cabrera would not be on base if not in that defense. Yet had Breslow walked Kearns with no one on, you wouldn’t have Cabrera sitting on second in scoring position right now.

3:52PM PDT: I get the no doubles defense, but they are playing way too deep. Sweeney had to run a mile and a half to get to that ball yet it still dropped in. Orlando Cabrera with a single that’d be an out any other time. Defense-independent pitching stats – this defensive positioning proves their worth.

3:47PM PDT: Thankfully Fuentes will not be coming out again for the twelfth as the smartest man in baseball, Craig Breslow is out on the mound. Anderson went nine innings, these bullpen guys need to pick him up then the offense needs to just end it. Breslow has quietly been turning around his season after a very shaky first few outings. Yet the way Geren plays him, the second he faces adversity it seems he pulls him. It is strange how can have so much trust in some guys who continually don’t perform, yet so little in others who show quite a bit of battle in them.

3:43PM PDT: Kouz, if you want to win your starting job back, striking out lunging for an outside pitch is not the way to do it.

3:40PM PDT: A’s get out of the top of the eleventh tie in tact. I hope we don’t still have Fuentes out there. Seems pretty crazy when you have Wuertz throw eight pitches to say Fuentes who has thrown eleven is good to go another inning. Not sure I understand Geren’s love affair with Fuentes.

3:38PM PDT: Make that 0-for-11. LaPorta (R) due up…

3:37PM PDT: Asdrubal Cabrera, base hit to left field… due up is the 0-for-10 in this series Choo – wonder if he has other things on his mind?

3:34PM PDT: NO! Brian Fuentes is in. NO! NO! NO! He faces Brantley(L), A. Cabrera (S) and Choo (L). I hope Geren doesn’t have the crazy idea he is good for more than one inning again. Michael Wuertz should be used for two innings, don’t know why he wasn’t. Only threw eight pitches.

3:31PM PDT: Suzuki can’t get it done, pops out to Matt LaPorta in foul ground. I think Gallego should’ve tried with Jackson. The way the A’s aren’t hitting you can’t count on anything. Choo has a great arm, it would’ve been a close play but I think it is too conservative a move. Choo got it to the cut-off but it’d be up to Jackson to up-end Marson at that point. We go to the eleventh, key play in this game really is that Pennington toss that kept Marson on third when he had a lead-off triple in the eighth. Without that play all this stuff now is a moot point as the Indians would have had a 3-2 win.

3:29PM PDT: Ryan Sweeney looked like he had this won but Mike Gallego holds Jackson at third… good game for Sweeney 4-for-5.

3:27PM PDT: Jack Hannahan with a good play in foul ground to get out Josh Willingham. With the sun today this game is like Game Two of the 1973 World Series where every pop up seemed to be an adventure.

3:25PM PDT: Conor Jackson is able to hit into the Indians’ no-doubles defense and plunk a single in from of Shin-Soo Choo. Good start to the bottom of the tenth.

3:22PM PDT: The Tribe have another new pitcher in Chad Durbin. Durbin is a former starter so I expect him to be able to be in for a while. This is a problem with the current composition of our lineup. I agreed with sending Bobby Cramer down to reduce the harsh lefty-righty split that we had. But now I’d almost like to see him back in lieu of a guy like say Jerry Blevins because in games like this you’d like to have a guy who can give you three or four innings. I have no idea what would happen to us if we had a starter go out early with an injury, we’d really be screwed.

3:17PM PDT: Michael Wuertz in to pitch the tenth. So happy to see that Brian Fuentes isn’t being put in. It isn’t anything against Fuentes, I know it sounds like I complain about him a lot. I just don’t think he should be used in high leverage situations unless it is to get out the big left-handed bat in the lineup. Could Geren’s confidence in Fuentes finally be rattled?

3:14PM PDT: David DeJesus pops up (after a slight sun-soaked adventure for Asdrubal Cabrera) so we have free baseball headed our way.

3:04PM PDT: Unsurprisingly Geren takes the conventional route putting Kouzmanoff in and sliding LaRoche to second. I really want to see Jackson get more time in at third. The one position where we won’t be stealing from a top-tier player’s playing time and getting CoJax in. I guess Barton really hasn’t played at a top-tier or even a mid-tier yet this year but the talent is certainly there. I guess unconventionally Geren has left Brett Anderson in, which is pretty cool. It’d like to see Oakland pick him up and get him a win.

3:02PM PDT: New Tribe pitcher Tony Sipp makes quick work of Coco Crisp, A’s go into the ninth tied at two.

2:59PM PDT: Finally Bob Geren acknowledges Mark Ellis is having difficulty hitting! Coco Crisp into pinch hit and be the hero. Wonder how this all will shake out. Does Geren keep Coco and Conor Jackson in the game moving him to third (which I’d like to see) or does he replace Coco with Kevin Kouzmanoff then move Andy LaRoche from third to second?

2:58PM PDT: Wow, impressive play by Austin Kearns in left field, he isn’t a fleet-footed fielder but he made one heck of a play.

2:56PM PDT: Chicks definitely dig the bloop single to left field that plates the tying run Mr. Ryan Sweeney! A’s – Indians, tied at two, still threatening with Willingham on third. Zuk needs to drive him in, bring up that Malia Meter.

2:53PM PDT: Great to see Josh Willingham get the walk there. Two straight for Pestano, the A’s need to do something here. Not much time is left in this game and the A’s offense just needs to do something to pick up Brett Anderson. This is just pathetic the lack of hitting in this series. Angels have won already in Boston today so to keep pace Oakland really needs to win this getaway game.

2:48PM PDT: Michael Brantley does his best Willie Mays impression to get Daric Barton out. That hurt. But new Indians pitcher Vinnie Pestano (a former battery mate of Kurt Suzuki‘s at Cal State-Fullerton, a team that also featured Ricky Romero) had to have been a fan.

2:46PM PDT: Good work by Brett Anderson to get out of that man on third no one out situation without a run scoring. Big hat tip to Pennington required.

2:40PM PDT: Cliff Pennington had a solid play there to prevent Marson from scoring from third on the grounder. Not an easy thing to do then still get the runner at first as Michael Brantley can really fly.

2:38PM PDT: Marson hits it to deep right-center, Sweeney seems to even bail on it but DeJesus comes out of nowhere (likely more the result of bad camera work as opposed to strange positioning, gets it but then lets it bounces around giving Marson a triple. DeJesus Sweeney

2:19PM PDT: I think I heard Korach say that the ball bounced off Shelley Duncan‘s head. Anytime a ball bounces off anyone’s head it isn’t a good thing and this time it is a two-base error that gets Sweeney to second and the E6 spells the end of the day for Jeanmar Gomez as the anonymously named Joe Smith is due in. Smith has a funky delivery that as Vince Cotroneo says seems like it’d be tough on righties like Brad Ziegler‘s is but so far lefties have yet to achieve a hit off Smith while righties have six in 17 plate appearances. Also how are only two MLB players in history named Joe Smith?

2:10PM PDT: An errant Daric Barton throw sabotages the Anderson pick off. More bad defensive play from Barton. Very disappointing especially since the bat hasn’t been there yet. He is a much better ballplayer than he has played early on this year.

2:08PM PDT: Three straight base hits and Asdrubal Cabrera plates two. The misplay by Sweeney on the ball hit by Brantley allows two runs to score and gets the Indians the lead 2-1.

1:57PM PDT: Daric Barton with a base hit to score Mark Ellis and the A’s take a 1-0 lead. The A’s are really making Jeanmar Gomez work now. Assist to the sun on this run scored. Hopefully Barton breaks out of this terrible slump he’s been in, maybe Ellis’ sun-assisted single can be the start of something good for him too?

1:48PM PDT: Mark Ellis pops up but its lost in the sun so he gets a single care of Orlando Cabrera and the sun. Ellis bat giveaway day is May 14th, sure hope for everyone’s sake he still isn’t hitting .182 at that point. Who wants that bat?

1:42PM PDT: So through five innings, Brett Anderson has yet to allow a hit outside the infield. Great line nonetheless, five innings, two hits, no walks, three strikeouts and just 64 pitches.

1:36PM PDT: The perfect game and the no-no are done as Travis Hafner gets a hit. No magic today.

1:30PM PDT: Ryan Sweeney with a single because chicks dig the single in front of the center fielder.

1:24PM PDT: Brett Anderson perfect through four. Twelve up, twelve down. Only forty-four pitches – good to see seeing how we’ve burned through a good number of relief innings lately (or at least it seems we have?).

1:21PM PDT: So Gomez has held his own thus far through three as Anderson tries to continue his perfection the second time through the lineup. It is frustrating how the A’s offense isn’t generating any runs at all. I really felt that with the game being under the sun and with a shaky young starting opposing them that we could have the bats break out a bit. I am starting to think the bats just might not ever break out.

12:59PM PDT: Brett Anderson is not having the control problems that Gomez is. As he is at 25 pitches (19 for strikes) in two perfect innings so far. This is not the Indians “A-Team” by any means with Shelley Duncan at first, Austin Kearns in left and Lou Marson handling the backstopping duties but its still a powerful lineup and its nice to see him thus far make quick work of the stronger part of it.

12:52PM PDT: Ryan Sweeney flies out to end the inning. Gomez has thrown 20 pitches and only 10 for strikes. I think the A’s should just sort of sit back and make Gomez find the zone, then when he starts to lay some over the plate really pounce or otherwise just get him psyched out regarding finding the plate and get in his head.

12:47PM PDT: Conor Jackson with a stand up double. Kid is hitting well and its smart by Bob Geren to keep getting him into the lineup. I think he is important for the future with all the outfield starters due to become free-agents this fall. I think he is a good guy to have as a starter but we’ll see what the future holds.

12:36PM PDT: Brett Anderson on the mound for the A’s today to face Jeanmar Gomez who comes in sporting a 4.97 ERA and 4.48 FIP in his 70 2/3 innings of MLB work. Of note in the A’s lineup, Andy LaRoche again gets the start at third again which is great. Josh Willingham is filling in at DH allowing Conor Jackson to start in LF. Ryan Sweeney also gets the start in CF. The Indians lineup also is full of reserves in the day game following the night. I think the key for Oakland today is to really knock around Gomez and getaway with a win. So far they’ve done well in series ending games (8-1) and with this pitching matchup the hope is that success continues. In honor of Cinco de Mayo the A’s are wearing their Atléticos jerseys.

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  1. sc_athleticsfan permalink
    May 5, 2011 5:11 pm

    What is wrong with Anderson? This is the 2nd straight start he’s getting lit up? I hope he’s not pitching with an injured elbow or some other injury.

    • May 5, 2011 5:56 pm

      I wouldn’t count a two-run outing as being lit up! I mean our staff is good so it is a lot more than usual, but I’m real happy with Anderson. Gutsy performance especially not allowing Marson to score in the top of the eighth. Not easy.


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