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Live Blogging: A’s @ Mariners Game 22

April 24, 2011

4:16PM PDT: Ballgame. So the A’s manage a split as they win 5-3. Good stuff.

4:09PM PDT: A’s leave them loaded. Three outs away from a win.

4:06PM PDT: Ellis fly out means Landon Powell comes to the plate with nowhere to put them. This will be his eleventh career bases full plate appearance. He is .375/.400/.875 with one grand slam in the other ten trips to the plate.

4:05PM PDT: Mark Ellis to the plate with the bases full. His career line is .311/.322/.547 with three career grand slams when they’re loaded in 121 plate appearances.

4:02PM PDT: Josh Willingham plunks one in front of Milton Bradley who bobbles it allowing Barton to easily score with their second insurance run. A’s 5, M’s 2.

4:00PM PDT: League had Jackson in a 5-4-3 double play but Figgins let the ball skip under his glove. Crisp scores. A’s 4, M’s 2. Like a good neighbor Figgins was there with our insurance.

3:56PM PDT: Daric Barton breaks his 0-for-16 with a single on the right side. Wedge is pulling Jamey Wright and is going to Brandon League to face Conor Jackson. Not often you see the closer coming into a game like this but the three pitchers we’ve seen are the three who comprise the talent in the bullpen, the other three are very shaky. Jackson has one at bat against League, the time he ground into a double play on Friday night.

3:47PM PDT: Nice work from Fuentes to K Rodriguez. So he will face R-L-L in the ninth. Let’s add some insurance runs.

3:45PM PDT: Apparently Eric Wedge agrees with me. It is Fuentes in to face the switch-hitting Rodriguez.

3:42PM PDT: Brendan Ryan base-hit moves Miguel Olivo to third. Michael Saunders (L) is due up and Balfour is being scrapped in favor of Fuentes who will be in for the four out save. Assuming he gets Saunders he will face, Jack Wilson (R), Ryan Langerhans (L) and Ichiro Suzuki (L) in the ninth. So it isn’t a terrible trio for him to face. He is absolutely the right guy to face Saunders though, but if I am Eric Wedge, I probably swap him out for Chris Gimenez (R) or Luis Rodriguez (S).

3:33PM PDT: Grant Balfour is in to lock it down as the set up man. I hope that we don’t go to Brian Fuentes as the closer, but I figure that that is the plan.

3:24PM PDT: Anderson gets Figgins looking and gets out of the inning with the lead intact. Nice work. Sixth K for Anderson.

3:20PM PDT: Ryan Langerhans ground out plates Michael Saunders from third. A’s 3, M’s 2.

3:18PM PDT: Another Barton miscue with an assist from Kevin Kouzmanoff results in second and third nobody out. Tough spot for Anderson to be in, but is truly irksome as it should be no one on and two outs.

3:15PM PDT: Barton had a whole bunch of times he did this out in Minnesota. He keeps going for (and getting) balls that really ought to belong to Mark Ellis. I think the last time it happened Brett Anderson was on the mound as well. Simply poor play. Barton has been very disappointing thus far this year. Defensively he has not played smart baseball like this play, while offensively he has struggled too, his 0-for-4 thus far today lowers his batting average to .205.

3:09PM PDT: Crisp and Jackson score on a Josh Willingham double. A’s 3, M’s 1.

3:07PM PDT: Well Jackson makes Bob Geren look like a genius with a seeing eye single up the middle, so A’s are in business with Crisp on third and Jackson on first with two outs.

3:04PM PDT: Interesting the David DeJesus is being pinch-hit for with Conor Jackson. Strange of all the people to play L/R matchups with it is DeJesus.

3:00PM PDT: So six inning is all Fister can go, as Aaron Laffey comes in to face the 9-1-2 hitters for Oakland. Laffey is a former starter with Cleveland and is the only lefty in the Mariners pen, so Laffey can go awhile. He doesn’t represent the weak underbelly of the M’s bullpen I commented on earlier. Laffey, with whom I share a birthday, doesn’t strike many out (4.4 K/9 career and 5.9K/9 this year) and traditionally has struggled with control (3.5 BB/9 and 1.7 BB/9 this year). He has a 0.84 ERA coming in to today’s action with a 2.30 FIP.

2:36PM PDT: Sticky situation for Anderson. Milton Bradley up, two-outs runners on second and third. Brett is going to pitch to them. Here goes nothing in a tied game.

2:29PM PDT: Willingham fly out secures the inning for Fister. Unacceptable to not be able to score a guy on third with no outs. This is a team that is supposed to contend. Simply pathetic.

2:27PM PDT: So Daric Barton grounds it too hard to first and now David DeJesus pops one up in the infield. So two outs, Coco still on third. This is pathetic. He needs to be driven in, you can’t expect to win when you can’t score a runner on a leadoff triple.

2:24PM PDT: Leadoff triple by Coco Crisp. The A’s absolutely must score him – there is no excuse not to.

2:20PM PDT: Some intrigue being added into this game as Anderson plunks Brendan Ryan on the thigh?

1:56PM PDT: Fister drills Josh Willingham a second time. I guess this keeps him from striking out which is a good thing.

1:53PM PDT: Good question today for the Subway Ask Glen and Ray. About can you train a hitter to hit better with RISP? Basic answer is no. Which is what I figured, but it is good to hear them have a good question that actually allows Ray Fosse to build on his experience as an MLB ballplayer.

1:50PM PDT: Good inning from Brett Anderson as he nets two more K’s to make it three on the afternoon.

1:44PM PDT: Though the score remains tied at one – good work by the A’s to really drive up Fister’s pitch count (42 pitches thus far). There are lot of very weak links in the M’s bullpen we’re looking at you Josh Lueke, Chris Ray and Tom Wilhelmsen and it’d be nice to get to face a few of them and boost up the batting numbers.

1:41PM PDT: Great play by Doug Fister, normalcy has returned a bit to Kouzmanoff’s world. On a Pennington chopper to the mound, Fister threw out Kouz who was straying a bit too far off of second and Brendan Ryan tagged him before he could return – an atypical fielder’s choice.

1:39PM PDT: Kouzmanoff follows up his infield single with a stolen base. Up is down and down is up.

1:38PM PDT: Kouzmanoff with an infield single. Can’t say that too often can you?

1:30PM PDT: Groundout by Milton Bradley scores Ichiro. Tied game. Ichiro really made that run happen. Got on via the bunt, stole second, (stupidly) was sacrificed to third by Chone Figgins, scores on the Bradley ground out. Ichiro is really a great baserunner and benefits the M’s offense. Don’t agree with the sacrifice by Figgins as he is a quality hitter who should be swinging the bat, but that stolen base which really was stolen as the A’s had him and Ichiro’s smart running preventing Cliff Pennington from making the play, made this happen.

1:25PM PDT: Great bunt by Ichiro Suzuki. What an amazing ballplayer. Kevin Kouzmanoff couldn’t have done anything with that. No sure why he doesn’t do it more.

1:21PM PDT: Hideki Matsui drives in Coco Crisp from second and the A’s lead 1-0. Good to see the A’s get on the board early. It’d be nice to see the offense fire on all cylinders again this afternoon.

1:01PM PDT: The roof is closed at Safeco today. Brett Anderson takes the hill against Doug Fister. The A’s look to continue their offensive success from yesterday. Among guys on the A’s roster, they are hitting a combined .300/.349/.433 against him. Only David DeJesus (2-for-9, .222) and Cliff Pennington (1-for-15, .067) have struggled against the tall right-handed native of Merced so evidence seems to support the A’s keeping up their offensive performance. First pitch is coming up!

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  1. elmaquino permalink
    April 24, 2011 7:38 pm

    A sabermetric Q: How is the ML average WAR 2.0? If ot’s wins above the average player, how is the average player’s WAR not 0.0?

    Anyways, I saw Coco’s freakish catch in center! Awesome!!!

    • April 24, 2011 7:50 pm

      WAR is Wins Above Replacement. The replacement would be a random player at Triple-A. If the MLB average were 0.0 there’d be no difference between the player and someone sitting at Triple-A.

      Re: Coco’s catch. I love that the imprint of him lasted the entire game! Safeco is a cool field, got a chance to go out to Seattle last May and caught a game there. Very different for a covered stadium (calling it domed doesn’t quite fit).

      • elmaquino permalink
        April 24, 2011 8:53 pm

        Man, youve seen games everywhere, huh?

      • April 24, 2011 9:37 pm

        Yeah I have been to a lot. Furthest away I’ve seen is the 1999 Intercontinental Cup which was in Sydney, Australia. That was pretty cool, neat little ballpark too that was used for the 2000 Olympics, though I hear it has since been converted away from baseball use.

      • elmaquino permalink
        April 24, 2011 10:39 pm

        Farthest I’ve been is the remote village of Boston 🙂 Fenway, Busch and Kauffman for me. Seen PNC and the Ballpark Formally Known As the Jake, but didn’t go in. Jealous?

      • April 24, 2011 10:51 pm

        I’ve been to all those stadiums with the exception of the new Busch (have been to the old). So I guess I am not jealous? 😀

      • elmaquino permalink
        April 24, 2011 11:42 pm

        oh yeah, im just messin! Australia sounds cool tho

  2. Moneyballer permalink
    April 25, 2011 1:06 am

    Hey dwishinsky, while we’re on the topic of stadiums, how do you feel about the A’s potentially moving to San Jose? And would you want a more modern stadium (like Safeco) or a throwback, old-fashioned type of park that seems to be ubiquitous these days? I’ve never been to Safeco, but ever since the A’s conceptualized “Cisco Field” in Fremont i’ve been a proponent of a more modern-type of stadium. I just feel it adds a good balance to AT&T Park in SF and the thought of making it the most high-tech park in the league would appeal to numerous tech companies in the Silicon Valley as potential sponsors. Thoughts?

    • April 26, 2011 12:36 am

      Moneyballer –

      Regarding moving to San Jose or staying in Oakland, I really can’t say I care. I first off I’m a NRAF and second of all ultimately they are so close together that it isn’t really that one city would lose a team so much as a team would just relocate within a metro area. I look at it as akin to the Detroit Lions moving from Pontiac to downtown. Also, my wife and I are thinking of relocating to San Jose when my current contract is up, so perhaps then I’d be more inclined to want a move to the South Bay.

      In terms of what the stadium would look like? I don’t really have a preference. I like the retro style, but I think that if in San Jose it’d be neat to figure out a way to incorporate some technological things into the stadium to enhance the fan experience – not exactly sure what that’d entail but for the look of the field, so long as the stadium has good sightlines and comfortable seats, I am good with it.

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