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Harden Won’t Be in Oakland Anytime Soon

April 16, 2011

Eric Gilmore with reports that Rich Harden‘s stint on the disabled list likely will be longer rather than shorter. In an article yesterday afternoon he wrote of Harden,

“Right-hander Rich Harden‘s time on the disabled list apparently won’t end any time soon.

‘The latest is I’ll take a few days off from throwing,’ said Harden, who was examined by a doctor in the Bay Area earlier this week. ‘I guess you could call it a setback. We’ll kind of go day to day.’

Harden opened the season on the 15-day disabled list with what the A’s are calling a right shoulder injury. But he stressed that the injury is to the teres major muscle, and has nothing to do with his ‘rotator cuff or labrum.’ “

I don’t find it particularly comforting that the newest injury isn’t to the shoulder but to another area. Having multiple injuries in multiple areas isn’t a good thing.

Mychael Urban addressed Harden’s future on when discussing the A’s throwing in the towel on Harden saying,

“You can’t release someone who is on the DL. You have to keep paying his salary and paying for his rehab. And as long as there’s a glimmer of hope that he might be able to give them a little something — it’s going to have to be out of the bullpen if at all — the A’s are probably going to stick it out.

But if he ever gets activated, I can’t imagine Harden surviving long if he doesn’t produce right away. And if he comes back and gets hurt again, I’d be surprised if he didn’t up and retire.”

Unfortunately I do not expect anything from Harden this year. If he is this fragile any contribution he can make will be tempered by the fact that he is a ticking time bomb. But nonetheless, disappointing news coming from Rich Harden‘s rehab.

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