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Live Blogging: A’s @ White Sox Game 10

April 11, 2011

9:49PM CDT: Game over! Great come from behind victory for the A’s. Good grit to get back into this game and win it. Very impressed with Brian Fuentes too, he has been looking good. A’s win in Chicago 2-1 to move to .500 at 5-5 on the year. Do it again tomorrow.

9:48PM CDT: Fuentes strikes out the first two guys he’s faced thus far (Ramon Castro and Lillibridge). One to go. That man is Juan Pierre.

9:40PM CDT: So here we go… bottom of the tenth.

9:38PM CDT: Kevin Kouzmanoff gets a double. Time for some insurance runs. Looks like Brian Fuentes will be in for the bottom of the tenth.

9:36PM CDT: Kurt Suzuki with a home run to left field of Jesse Crain! It may have scraped the back of the outfield fence, but it gets it done! A’s lead 2-1. What a great comeback.

9:34PM CDT: They’re employing the shift on Matsui. Bunt it to the left side… I want to see that… Keep them honest!

9:29PM CDT: There’s the hat trick for Morel! Ross comes through, big strikeout. So it is free baseball we go to the tenth.

9:28PM CDT: Ramirez grounds out to first, runners move up, so its second and third, two outs. Brent Morel comes up. Tough night for him thus far (0-for-3, 2Ks), let’s hope that continues.

9:26PM CDT: Defensive fail by Daric Barton. Pop up, wind blowing that that giant pillow for a glove and Kurt Suzuki can’t snare the foul ball pop up. Barton should’ve had that. Could’ve been a really big pick up for Ross and ultimately that was a big mistake.

9:25PM CDT: Two on, one out. Fosse is commenting that Ross isn’t following through now that he is throwing from the stretch instead of the wind-up. Here comes Alexei Ramirez, not exactly a double play candidate.

9:23PM CDT: Ross doesn’t look as sharp now as he is throwing to Carlos Quentin. I wonder if he is tiring, though as a starter I’d assume two plus innings shouldn’t give him too much strain.

9:11PM CDT: Tied! Juan Pierre misplays a Daric Barton drive in left field. Tied! 1-1. Love hitting bullpens, love hitting them.

9:06PM CDT: Andy LaRoche doubles. So we are in business. Let’s tie this baby up.

9:03PM CDT: So Thornton is coming in the A’s have Coco Crisp, Daric Barton and Conor Jackson due up. Now or never.

9:02PM CDT: Tyson Ross looks very good. He hasn’t missed a beat since his strong Cactus League.

8:59PM CDT: Fosse just reiterated my point re: Braden’s two pitches that have cost him thus far this year.

8:57PM CDT: Buerhle is just unstoppable today. Wonder if Ozzie Guillen will leave him in to get the complete game shutout. The pen has been a bit sketchy this year for the ChiSox as closer Matt Thornton has a loss already and no saves.

8:49PM CDT: One more thing about Braden. It is the home run that is killing him so far this year. Remember against Toronto if not for a home run he allowed to Travis Snider he’d have won that game in Toronto, and today the one pitch to Lillibridge looks like it’ll hold him back.

8:47PM CDT: So it looks like Dallas Braden will be the tough luck loser of 2011 if this keeps up, Tyson Ross is now in the game meaning with the A’s trailing 1-0, Braden is on the hook for the loss. Last year Braden among pitchers with at least 120 innings pitched, got the fifth lowest run support of any American League pitcher – three of the other four were incidentally members of the Mariners – with the A’s only plating 4.58 runs a game. If the A’s don’t score again tonight Braden will be at 1.50 to start the season. Ouch.

8:44PM CDT: Josh Willingham has A’s hit number two. Gotta score just one run to tie it up, sort of strange having Mark Ellis in the five hole, not the type of hitter you want in a need to score a run type situation though presently his four RBI tie him for second on the club (going to show how that is a stat of opportunity not any substance).

8:43PM CDT: Tyson Ross is throwing in the A’s bullpen. Looks like we will be seeing his 2011 debut.

8:22PM CDT: Kurt Suzuki breaks up the no-hitter with a single to left-center field. Good point made by Ray Fosse that on the previous pitch which Zook fouled to just behind first, Beckham slid when he didn’t need to and the ball popped out of his glove. So Zook uses the extra pitch to his advantage, deposits a single into left, and breaks up Mark Buehrle‘s date with infamy. Now it is time to break up this shutout and score some runs.

8:14PM CDT: Brent Lillibridge home run to left field, he was sitting fastball and drove it. Braden thrives on changing speeds, if you are sitting on a pitch Braden is in trouble. So the Lillibridge home run stakes the White Sox to a 1-0 lead. Buehrle still has a no-hitter going which is I think more so a function of poor at bats by the A’s as opposed to any sort of dominance from Buehrle (0K in his five innings of work). Kinda neat stat, the home run was the 10,000th in White Sox history.

8:10PM CDT: No-hitter for Buehrle through five innings… still 0-0.

8:04PM CDT: Conor Jackson tries to do a Sam Fuld impression (see this) but fails. Fortunately Paul Konerko‘s top speed is 1.4mph so he doesn’t score on the play and the A’s get out of the inning shutout intact.

8:01PM CDT: Alex Rios with a basehit up the middle, Ellis tried to save it but didn’t. Dallas Braden‘s no-hit bid is over 3 1/3 innings after it began.

8:00PM CDT: Changeup gets Gordon Beckham, six K’s. Braden is on, so is Buehrle, yet another pitching duel. This is like a season of entertainment dreams for me thus far. I much prefer these pitching duels to any sort of slugfest. Those games are just so tedious. These quick games where any hit can decide the outcome are so much more fulfilling.

7:56PM CDT: So the Daric Barton walk spoiled Buehrle’s perfect game, so now we are down to two-no hitters through three and a half. Chugging along at quite a quick clip. Like it.

7:52PM CDT: Good trivia question today.  Name all three White Sox MVPs, with the hint that they all played for the A’s. First two are pretty easy Dick Allen (Wampum with the A’s) and Frank Thomas. The third though is Nellie Fox, who I believe began his career with the Philadelphia A’s prior to joining the South Siders.

7:49PM CDT: So through three innings we have a perfect game from Mark Buehrle and a no-hitter from Dallas Braden.

7:45PM CDT: For Braden when his change up is really solid like today it makes all the difference in the world. He is up to five strikeouts now through eight hitters. Not too shabby.

7:40PM CDT: Great play by Alexei Ramirez on an Andy LaRoche liner to save the perfect game. Nine up, nine down (I’m going to feel like a real jackass if he actually does pitch a perfect game and I have been sarcastically tracking it since the first pitch of the game).

7:30PM CDT: Dallas Braden walks Paul Konerko, so one of the two perfect games is over – which was bound to happen at some point, or else this would be a very Long post.

7:24PM CDT: It is interesting having Mark Ellis hit fifth and Hideki Matsui sixth. I suppose it is because Matsui is a lefty against Buehrle, though Matsui hasn’t been terrible against Buehrle in his career (3-for-13, .231 with 0BB, 4K).

7:18PM CDT: So through one inning… six batters up, six batters down, Buehrle and Braden are perfect…

7:12PM CDT: Top of the first half took all of two minutes. Buehrle works so fast he makes Braden look slow. I’ve been to a few White Sox games at the Cell in my day, first when it was a blue 1990’s monstrosity and much more recently when it actually is kind of an underrated ballpark and I always love when you get Buehrle on the hill because the game is fast paced and there isn’t any wasted time. That and he is a good pitcher, one of those guys who may be on an opposing team but that you always wish was on your squad. That play he made last year on Opening Day was so phenomenal. Here it is to enjoy.

7:09PM CDT: Lineup wise David DeJesus and Cliff Pennington get a night off as they are replaced by Conor Jackson and Andy LaRoche. In true bad video game fashion, they of course are thrown into the lineup right where the players they substituted for normally would go, Jackson hitting 3rd and LaRoche 9th. Not sure that’s where I’d shove them but they’ve done well when in the lineup so who am I to complain.

7:01PM CDT: Mark Buehrle takes the hill for the Pale Hose and Dallas Braden for the A’s. The big deal is that they both have thrown perfect games, but realistically with these two this game could be an hour and a half with how quick they both work. Both are good pitchers, admittedly Buehrle is better, but should be a good game.

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  1. Moneyballer permalink
    April 11, 2011 11:44 pm

    Awesome win! I didnt watch the 9th because I wanted to change their luck by following the game via gamecast on my phone instead (hey, it worked when I was out of town this past wknd). Did Coco try to bunt in the 9th after LaRoche led off with the double? I couldnt tell on my iphone, and it stated he lined out to 1st. Other than that, another stellar outing by a starting pitcher, Ross making his campaign to knock Cramer or Breslow off the 25-man once Bailey gets better, and solid pitching overall (13 Ks over a possible 30 outs).

    • April 12, 2011 8:05 am

      Coco had a hard lineout to first. That is an interesting point you bring up regarding who will be sent down once Bailey returns, I don’t see it being Breslow and Cramer makes sense, but I’d almost rather keep Ross stretched out in case there’s an injury. Not sure if he can get regular work and be stretched out if he stays in Oakland. Really loved what we saw out of him last night though. Dominant outing.

      Also, I’ve heard about Vina’s hiring but as a NRAF never have been able to watch the CSNCalifornia post-game stuff except in clips on their website. How is the show in general? I recall Vina being pretty decent, personally I am not a fan of ESPN’s coverage in the least, and much prefer MLB Network which I think has very good analysis, especially (of all people?) Mitch Williams, who I think is fantastic.

      • Moneyballer permalink
        April 12, 2011 4:50 pm

        I know it all worked out in the end, but im really surprised that you wouldnt bunt Crisp after a leadoff double. Given his ability to bunt and potential to beat out the throw, it seems like the logical option to give yourself new life in the 10th. Even if Pierre did make the catch, you would still easily get the run in since Laroche would be at 3rd.

        Yesterday was Vina’s first day, and he did a good job breaking down Suzuki’s HR swing and Ross’ performance. I was a fan of him at espn, so im excited to see him replace some of the inexperienced and forgettable guys theyve had in the studio over the past few yrs. Hopefully the fact that hes never been an Athletic allows him to be a lot more critical of the team and management than a lot of the other Bay Area personalities.

  2. Moneyballer permalink
    April 11, 2011 11:49 pm

    Also, Fernando Vina is the new post game color guy on CSN California?!?! Given his previous work on ESPN, thats quite a hire for a channel that has a vested interest in the Giants. I poked around a little online to see why he left ESPN, but couldnt find anything…I’m sure landing on the Mitchell Report didnt help.

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