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Live Blogging: Giants @ A’s ST Game 33

March 29, 2011

9:38PM PDT: Groundout to Mike Fontenot, the very shaky backup of the very shaky starting shortstop (Miguel Tejada) and the Giants win 4-1. Good night!

9:36PM PDT: Guillermo Mota of 50-game PED suspension fame walks Conor Jackson to make this game interesting as the tying run is at the plate with two outs in the form of one Matt Carson.

9:34PM PDT: LaRoche with another hit. This guy needs to be brought up to Oakland. I just think he might be realizing his potential finally. It gives us some options too if we need to make a deal mid-season.

9:30PM PDT: While I think that everyone believes that the middle infield backup race is limited to Eric Sogard and Andy LaRoche, it is interesting that Wes Timmons (who is at bat) is still hanging around. I just don’t get why guys like Fernando Cabrera and Yadel Marti and other middle infield candidate Steve Tolleson were so quickly dispatched to minor-league camp yet, Jai Miller and Timmons are still sticking around until the last days of the spring.

9:28PM PDT: Grant Balfour with a one-two-three inning. He got off to a slow start but has been great as of late. No ER in his last five appearances covering 4 1/3 innings of work.

9:25PM PDT: Brandon Belt is up for the Giants. Here is a sneak preview to tomorrow’s season preview, he is my pick for National League Rookie of the Year. Like Posey, he may get a late start but his superior play for a contending team will put him over for the win.

9:21PM PDT: Spoke too soon as Matsui goes down on strikes.

9:18PM PDT: Getting to this game late. Was listening/watching but not by a computer. Gio Gonzalez looked good not great in his start and the same could be said of Barry Zito starting for the Giants. One person who has looked good is Hideki Matsui who is up now and is 3-for-3 on the day. Glad to see that he is warming up. Meanwhile hopefully today’s 0-fers from Coliseum neophytes David DeJesus and Josh Willingham don’t mean anything (and I am sure they don’t).

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