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Live Blogging: A’s @ Rockies ST Game 31

March 27, 2011

3:36PM PDT: So long Arizona. The soon-to-be crowned “2011 Cactus League Champion” Colorado Rockies win 5-2. A’s are headed back California – season is rapidly approaching.

3:31PM PDT: Despite the relatively close score, the revolving minor-leaguers has made this game pretty boring. I am ready for the regular season! Top of the ninth, we are down 5-2.

3:12PM PDT: Shane Peterson gets a hit off Franklin Morales to tie this ballgame at 2. Peterson is best known as the lone guy left with Oakland from the Matt Holliday trade.

2:39PM PDT: Alfredo Amezaga hit breaks the deadlock, 1-0 Rockies.

2:29PM PDT: Ken Korach told an interesting story that at an A’s function in Scottsdale, Cramer came up to him to apologize for his poor outing in Glendale, promising that he would never have to sit through another outing like that. What a cool guy. I mean crap like that happens, but that is pretty cool that he owned up to it sort of, and apologized. He certainly didn’t have to, kinda neat that he did.

1:46PM PDT: Cotroneo mentioned reading a writer in Arizona pick the A’s to win the American League. Here it is, Bob Young of the Arizona Republic likes the A’s to win the West, then defeat the Yankees in the ALCS (its unclear if we roll through the Red Sox or Twins – his two other division winners – en route to the pennant) before falling to the Phillies in the World Series. I wonder if his mindset is the same that had me routinely picking the Cubs to be in the World Series when they were lining up a rotation with Mark Prior, Kerry Wood and Greg Maddux, or why I had the Giants going so far last year before the season started – dominant pitching just rolling you through the playoffs.

1:39PM PDT: Stephen Parker pinch-hits for Cramer meaning his day is done. Cramer went two innings allowing a single hit. If you take out his disastrous start against the ChiSox in Glendale last week, his spring looks pretty good.

1:25PM PDT: Cotroneo is commenting on Kevin Kouzmanoff‘s success this Cactus League, as he gets a hit. As per Vince his stance is not altered from last year, but he feels he is being more aggressive early in the count. When was Kouzmanoff not aggressive early? Wasn’t that the problem?

1:19PM PDT: Messy play as Cramer throws the ball away on a Willy Taveras squibber in front of the mound. Mark Ellis saves the day nabbing him as he tries to advance all the way to third. Been a sloppy two games with the Rockies so far.

1:04PM PDT: Final game in Arizona. Bobby Cramer takes the hill to try and win the final spot in the bullpen (I am assuming Jerry Blevins has the “other” final spot).

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