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Live Blogging: Angels @ A’s ST Game 29

March 25, 2011

3:47PM PDT: 10-3 game over. Last webcast of the spring, gotta say while not on par with Ken Korach (there aren’t many) I think Vince Marotta did a good job calling the spring games. Nice work. The other guy too whose name eludes me did good work too. It’ll be nice though to have ballgames not sound like they are being broadcast via cell phone from Tibet.

3:40PM PDT: 10-3 Angels into the bottom of the ninth, odds of a comeback seem slim.

3:26PM PDT: Kevin Kouzmanoff with an RBI hit, his second hit on the day raises his average to .412 (21-for-51) in Cactus League play. Great spring, I really hope it carries over in the regular season. Also just a quick thought, when the A’s go to San Francisco and Oakland for the Bay Bridge Series is that still considered “Cactus League” or just an exhibition – better question, does it matter?

3:09PM PDT: The Single-A superstars of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are making quick work of Craig Breslow. Hopefully his late start does not portend a tough year.

3:03PM PDT: Brandon Wood grounds out. It is so amazing how guys like Wood get to hang on. He is out of options yet I anticipate he will make the big club anyhow despite this clunker of a line from last year (key point: in 81 games): .146/.174/.208. His career line in 167 games, basically a full season is .169/.198/.260 with 11 home runs adding up to a grand total of -2.6 WAR. Yet he will make the club, because he was a highly touted prospect, yet guys like Wes Timmons (six years in Triple-A with decent numbers) are unlikely to make a big league club even again this year. Strange game isn’t it?

2:56PM PDT: These blowouts are real snoozers – even more so in Cactus League play.

2:18PM PDT: Korach is apparently very high on Landon Powell talking up his defense and ability to work with pitchers. I get that and all, and agree he is better than Josh Donaldson there but man is his bad ever uninspiring. I really hope that Donaldson somehow wins this battle.

2:15PM PDT: Home run for Andy LaRoche – fourth of the spring – 6-1 Halos.

2:13PM PDT: Korach on Scott Kazmir “I don’t know if you can even call him a legitimate Major League pitcher anymore”. Ouch.

2:11PM PDT: Ken Korach on the AL West in 2011. “I’d pick Texas again, I just think their lineup is so strong… I will always question their pitching.” Interesting stuff.

1:42PM PDT: Perhaps I spoke too soon? McCarthy is getting banged around as the Halos lead 5-0 on a Jeff Mathis two-run home run. Mathis can hit suddenly?

1:35PM PDT: Apparently Bob Geren today announced that the 2, 3 and 4 starters are Brett Anderson, Gio Gonzalez and Dallas Braden. Can’t say I am particularly surprised there. But I am a bit surprised that Geren didn’t name McCarthy the #5. Does anyone really think Tyson Ross can (or should) beat him out?

1:23PM PDT: Double for Mark Trumbo. What a spring this guy is having, coming into to today he is .304/.328/.679 with five home runs. Kendrys  Morales still has not played this spring, this kid seems like a pretty decent backup if he can keep this up. Wonder if he really succeeding could be what helps the Angels make a move later on in the year, be it moving him or moving Morales or Bobby Abreu?

1:13PM PDT: Angels lead 1-0. I’ve said it before the Cactus League but the Angels should not be taken lightly. They are a decent club. If I am Angels fan I have to be relatively happy with the Halos’ shot at the AL West this year. Amazing how being one game under .500 creates an entire different set of expectations than that of the A’s who were merely at .500.

1:06PM PDT: Brandon McCarthy on the hill. We are under way!

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  1. languid permalink
    March 26, 2011 5:15 pm

    Thanks again for all live blogs from spring training. They convey a very solid feel of for the games.

    • March 26, 2011 5:37 pm

      Not a problem, when I am able to I like doing it and making some minor comments that aren’t really full post worthy. Thank you for checking in all the time!

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