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Live Blogging: A’s @ Padres ST Game 7.5

March 6, 2011

4:18PM MDT: Sac fly. Padres win 7-6.

4:17PM MDT: Pop up……

4:16PM MDT: Farquhar walks them full. Four pitch walk. Dangerous. Looking good if you’re a Friar fan.

4:10PM MDT: Danny Farquhar is coming in to pitch. He too has had a bit of a rough spring. He came along with Magnuson in the deal that sent Rajai Davis to the Blue Jays. That deal just proves that Billy Beane has faith in Conor Jackson, because Jackson being tendered a contract helped assist in jettisoning Rajai to Toronto. The A’s lose a lot of speed, but I have to agree, I think the upside with Jackson is greater, problem is little depth at center field. Ryan Sweeney has not been great in center but can get by if need be. But with Coco Crisp being so injury prone you never know… It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out, I wasn’t ever really high on Rajai as a starter, nor as a regularly used backup. Absolutely loved him on the basepaths though, what was there not to love!

4:06PM MDT: They’re using a radar gun app in the booth. Luis Perdomo is throwing 121. Time for a new app. I need to find this app and mess around with it.

4:04PM MDT: Game in Phoenix is done. A’s win 5-4. Brian Fuentes gets the save.

3:42PM MDT: Back-to-back dingers Oscar Salazar and Guillermo Quiroz. Trystan Magnuson has been very disappointing this spring. Very uninspiring. Seems he’ll be ticketed for Sacramento.

3:22PM MDT: The Padres commentators were just talking about how pitching wins ballgames, then highlighted the A’s finishing 9th in hitting and 1st in pitching  (batting average and earned run average) in the American League in 2010. Then said, they just found themselves in the wrong division. Um, there are no divisions where 81 and 81 would’ve won it last year, or any year.

3:04PM MDT: Over in Phoenix right now the other half of the split-squad is playing the Brew Crew and it is 1-1 in the 7th inning. Gio is still caliente, 3IP, 5K. Tyson Ross too came in and tossed some smoke, 3IP, 4K. I really think Ross could come in and steal away that last spot in the bullpen.

3:02PM MDT: “Quiroz – Q-U-I-R-O-Z” what is with these guys spelling everyone’s name? Everytime Jai Miller has been up we hear “J-A-I”

2:58PM MDT: Heath Bell looks sharp for the Friars. Wonder where he will end up at the deadline as he is expected to be dealt.

2:47PM MDT: Daric Barton leaving the game with an injury. Hopefully he is ok. We cannot lose Barton.

2:36PM MDT: Ha! Love it, “Your athletic supporters: double-x 1090” I appreciate that they’re saying it athletics with a little “a” but it’s pretty funny with them playing the Athletics to say that.

2:25PM MDT: Good catch by a reader (see comments). Pennington was bunting as he isn’t to be batting right-handed and a southpaw was throwing. From Jane Lee: “Pennington’s on the road because the Padres have a righty (Mat Latos) going, and Geren would rather have Pennington swing from the left side since he’s not quite swinging with equal intensity from the right side yet because of his shoulder.” Thanks Hans, didn’t even think of that!

2:19PM MDT: Jai Miller belts a two run single. Jai Miller has to be the “star” of camp so far. Steals home yesterday. Hitting .500. Need to remember always that spring training stats don’t count. But remember, in the Majors 42.9% K%. Career in the minors 34.0% K%. This isn’t what we want in our lineup, because it isn’t like he turns around a walks a lot (6.6% BB% in the Majors, 10.2% BB% in the minors). A’s on top 5-4.

2:09PM MDT: Joe Bateman came in to clean up Outman’s mess. Bateman hasn’t ever pitched in the Majors. He is 31 this May and has nine seasons in the minors in 378 appearances. Overall a very solid 2.77 ERA, with 8.6K/9, 2.9BB/9 and only 0.4HR/9. Not sure why he hasn’t gotten a shot as it seems he’s put up pretty solid numbers. He has been a closer, in 2005 with the San Jose Giants he had 21 saves. So far he hasn’t been great this spring, a 20.25 ERA as of his last inning on the mound.

2:03PM MDT: Josh Outman is getting the hook. 52 pitches. 24 strikes – 28 balls. The line: 1 1/3 IP, 5H, 4ER, 3BB, 1K, 2HR. Ouch. Ugly. Book your ticket to Sacramento Josh.

2:02PM MDT: Love hearing other teams’ broadcasters. “Woo-hoo Gio Gonzalez, that’s their number one!” Really?

1:59PM MDT: Kouzmanoff can’t make the play at third. UZR/150 regressing to normal? Infield single for Orlando Hudson.

1:56PM MDT: There goes the lead, Logan Forsythe home run puts the Friars ahead 4-3. Outman not sharp, still having trouble hitting his spots…

1:55PM MDT: Outman just tossed what I think is the first slider of the day, popped up Eric Patterson it was 80 mph.

1:52PM MDT: Outman is all over the place with a five pitch walk to Aaron Cunningham. Now he has thrown 29 pitches – 13 strikes, 16 balls. Ugly.

1:45PM MDT: Pennington is up and bunting. WHY?

1:41PM MDT: Five run first inning. A’s 3, Padres 2.

1:37PM MDT: Outman’s aim isn’t so hot. Just gave up a dinger to Jorge Cantu. The fastball is between 88 and 92 which is a bit slower than his average since he’s been in the pros (93.1). Now behind another hitter… don’t think with what we’ve seen thus far he will be starting in Oakland.

1:25PM MDT: A’s lead 3-0 in Peoria, Kurt Suzuki just missed a home run. Knocks Mat Latos out of the game after two outs and thirty-eight pitches. Nice work.

1:21PM MDT: Despite the lack of visuals (Padres online boards say the game is being televised live if you are in San Diego, yet has nothing) I am going to switch to the Padres signal which’ll be via XPRS because the lineup there has a few more things of intrigue, largely the return of Cliff Pennington.

1:18PM MDT: Ron Romanick feels good about Gio going into the year which is good. He just walked former Athletic Mark Kotsay. They’re saying his changeup is improving which is great news.

1:07PM MDT: I’m very frustrated with this year so far. The Padres-A’s feed isn’t working, so I am listening to the Brewers-A’s hopefully this fixes itself.

1:02PM MDT: Two games are on today, the Brewers @ A’s at Phoenix being broadcast on KTRB and the A’s @ Padres out in Peoria. The Padres game is televised (albeit by a Padres crew) but that’ll be what I follow today. The club seems pretty evenly divided. Josh Outman is getting the start in Peoria, which means we miss out on seeing my man Gio Gonzalez who will be tossing to the Brew Crew in Phoenix.

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  1. Hans permalink
    March 6, 2011 4:01 pm

    Here’s why Pennington was bunting:

    Hynes is a lefty

  2. Ken Arneson permalink
    March 7, 2011 12:25 am

    What’s happening with Outman is typical for TJ recoveries. First the velocity comes back, which it has. Good news! The old level of control returns later, often months later. Bouts of wildness like this should not be surprising–it’s a normal part of the recovery process as proprioception is restored. I’m fully expecting Outman to need a couple months at AAA to get his old control back.

    • March 7, 2011 8:24 am

      I agree completely. Shoot, I can’t aim when playing catch if I played catch too much the day before let alone if I had my entire elbow reconstructed.

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